Seedi runs on open source software, which we have integrated and automated, as well as our own original software for CD emulation.

We are able to include all of this software with Seedi because of how the code is licensed, and because we will abide by the licenses.

Below you will find a list of the software included, with information about each license.

Please also read this article directly on this subject:


Seedi LLC is not affiliated with or endorsed by any of the below projects.

These statements are made in good faith for information purposes, not as any type of promotion.



  • PlayStation: PCSX-ReARMed
    • License: GPLv2
  • Sega Genesis/CD: Genesis Plus GX
    • License for core modules: We have arranged a license with the owners of this project, and a portion of our funds raised will go to them in order to include this software.
    • Other modules: BSD/LGPL/GPLv2
  • TurboGrafx-16/CD: Mednafen
    • License: GPLv2
  • Neo Geo/CD: To be announced
    • License: GPLv2
  • NES: FCEUmm
    • License: GPLv2
  • Game Boy/Color: Gambatte
    • License: GPLv2
  • Game Boy Advance: mGBA
    • License: MPLv2
  • Atari 2600: Stella
    • License: GPLv2
  • PC adventure games: ScummVM
    • License: GPLv2
  • DOS: DOSBox
    • License: GPLv2



  • OS: Linux (based on GPLv2 distribution)
  • Front-end/media player: Kodi (GPLv2)
  • CD emulation: Seedi (will be open source upon launch)
  • Front-end API: Libretro (MIT)
  • Emulation environment: Retroarch (GPLv3)


Please contact info @ seedisystem.vagrant if you would like the name of your project removed from this list (it will be replaced with ‘Unnamed project’).